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Rotex has been a long time coming in our Rotary District, 9790. There has been a select and dedicated group of past exchange students who have been working to create Rotex as a bonafide club in the District. And all the hard work has paid off!  We have become an official Rotary Alumni Association, and the first Rotex club in District 9790.
5 years of past exchange students L-R: Jack Kadaoui (2015), James Richardson (2014), Nicola Gates (2013), Rachael Feldtmann & Gab Jeffs (2012), Sarah McNamara (2011).
If you are a rotary exchange student then please get in touch with Rotex 9790.

Rotex is a Rotary alumni association that exists to establish and maintain a common bond among Rotary Youth Exchange alumni, as well as to provide past exchange students the opportunity for involvement in Rotary service directly relating to Youth Exchange programs. Rotex is open to all former Rotary Youth Exchange participants who have successfully completed the program, including long term and short term exchange.
This service mainly involves the Orientation weekends, where students are prepared for being sent overseas, as well as support offered for inbound Youth Exchange students and returnees (rebounds). We work closely with the Rotary Youth Exchange Committee to plan and implement strategies and activities during these weekends relating to the Exchange program. This is done by our members alongside our Rotarian adviser, who is responsible for connecting the association with local Rotarians and clubs.
We have big plans for the district in terms of creating more support for youth exchange students; whether it is students heading out, currently completing their exchange in Australia or returning from their year abroad. We have an exciting calendar coming up which includes orientation weekends, new social events, presenting at the Rotary District Conference, as well as chaperoning and leadership opportunities for our members.
Rotex is a fantastic way for past exchange students to give back to the district and to the clubs that have supported them throughout their journey. It is continuing the “service above self” principle by giving back to a community that gives students the opportunity to experience a year of growth, friendship, and life-changing experiences.
Rotex members Rachael Feldtmann, James Richardson and Sarah McNamara attending the 9790 District Conference in 2017 to present and chaperone students.
Rachael Feldtmann
Nicola Gates
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