Mission Statement

“To provide medical treatment for children from developing  countries in the form of life   saving and/or dignity restoring surgery not accessible to them in their home country.”


A Miracle supported by District 9790

We have all read and wished for a miracle, said a silent prayer or shed a tear for the two brave little girls Krishna and Trishna who have undergone an unbelievable operation to separate them. That they have survived and will live normal lives is indeed a miracle.

This could not have happened but for Australia’s Mother Theresa - Moria Kelly, who relocated the joined twins from a Bangladesh Orphanage and who at the time were given three months to live.

Moira Kelly brought them to her farm at Kilmore East and from there she cared for them until a medical team had been assembled and plans put in place for an operation to separate the girls.

The farm was founded by Moira Kelly - it’s aim to locate children from underprivileged countries needing body and facial transformation, house foster children and abused mothers and young teenage girls.

Rotary District 9790 took on the task to make the grounds attractive and more liveable. Countless hours over many any weekends were spent by members of the Albury and Wodonga Rotary Clubs at the Kilmore East property.

Mike Egan PP-PHF a long serving dedicated member of the Rotary Club of Albury hired a bus at his expense and he drove us to the farm-on our return he magically would produce an esky of welcome ambers liquids to refresh tired bodies.

It was in 2001 that Rob Meares PP-PHF another dedicated Rotarian from the Rotary Club of Albury West and secretary of our group associated with the Moria Kelly Farm along with his committee had a vision to upgrade the surrounds of the farm.

As Rotary cricketers he knew I was a better writer than cricketer so he gave me the task to approach a popular TV show “Backyard Blitz” hosted by Jamie Drurie with a submission to carry out a make over at the farm.

The land donated by a Rotarian is situated at 170 Saunders Rd, Kilmore East.

The first buildings were nearing completion with voluntary labour and became home to Australian foster children, abused mothers and children, young teenage girls as well as recuperation of children visiting from overseas for operations.

Moira was awarded an “OAM” for her service to the community.

There were a number of areas that would be suitable for a makeover – around swimming pool, play-ground area, entrance, special activity area etc.

Rotary volunteers had been on site every Tuesday and Week-ends and gave their support under the make over team’s instructions.

Thus began an interesting quest. It was pointed out that 
  1. We were in a queue of 300 other requests prior to ours.
  2. That Backyard Blitz was aimed at domestic houses and not commercial premises.
With the hallmarks of persistency and tenacity to the fore the writer did not give up and pestered Channel nine for two years. Finally Channel Nine gave in and advised that they would do a make over of the Moira Kelly farm.
Additionally it would be the first make over of a commercial premise and the first hour long show.
Riding on my luck the I rang the station manager and asked whether they would ask for donations during the hour long show.
The volatile reply is not printable but it meant “What else does Rotary want?”
The outcome – beautiful landscaped gardens, play centre areas, a special rehab area and a swimming pool update. And to top it off donations received totalled $150,000. Since then many children have been made whole in mind, body and spirit.
This is just one of the many wonderful projects that our District 9790 has undertaken over the years to bring joy, hope, and miracles like we have just witnessed to the underprivileged and disadvantaged. Our motto “Service above Self” certainly does make a difference.