Pride of Workmanship

Our District is keen to instigate a Pride of Workmanship Award Scheme and encourages all clubs to approach local businesses and employers to participate in the Pride of Workmanship awards.
Pride of Workmanship - the sense of responsibility to do a job well, is one of the greatest intangible assets in our community.
The Objective of Pride of Workmanship
  • To promote Vocational Service;
  • To encourage Pride of Workmanship in all vocations;
  • To provide employers with an opportunity to recognise employees who display the qualities worthy of an award;
  • To encourage favourable employer - employee relationships and a sense of community pride in individual achievement;
  • To provide an opportunity for Rotary to be involved in the community, particularly the business community.
What is the Pride of Workmanship Award Scheme?
As part of the campaign to encourage the "Pride of Workmanship" theme, Rotary would like, through employers, to give recognition to employees where it is considered due. This is the purpose of the Award Scheme, and with the help of businesses the "Pride of Workmanship" theme can be spread amongst their employees and further.
The intention is to give businesses and employers the opportunity to nominate one of their employees who, in their opinion, is displaying qualities worthy of such an award. Successful nominees will receive their awards at a gala dinner function.
Our "Pride of Workmanship Awards Night" will be a very special occasion in our Rotary year, when we will have a top-line Keynote Speaker and Presenter for the night.
It is envisaged that this person will be an inspirational speaker and give strong support for programs such as "Pride of Workmanship".

Over the years this award has brought great satisfaction and community awareness to the clubs that have implemented it and to those that have received the award.
Many Clubs that are already giving this award sometimes use another banner such as vocational, work orientation appreciation award, achievement award, volunteer's award, courtesy award, also employee of the month award. Each club uses their own method, providing it comes under the vocational umbrella.
This (or these) awards not only encourage the young, reward the dedicated and senior workers but is also showing appreciation and recognition in the work place and includes supervisors and other staff.
Over the years clubs involved in the Pride of Workmanship Awards have recognised people from:
  • Royal Botanic Gardens.
  • RMIT
  • Community Workers.
  • Working with Club Membership Chair to implement the plan.
  • Church Workers.
  • Local Volunteers from schools, welfare and charitable organisations.
  • Local Businesses that provide excellent and honest service.
  • Workers from local City Councils.
There are many side effects to this Award, not only does it promote Rotary and its work, it also can provide numerous and different speakers and may encourage people to join.

The Award is best presented at a partner's night encouraging the family of the recipient to be present. The recipient(s) is/are honoured to be chosen and are encouraged by knowing that their hard work has been recognised.
Try this Award, it is very enjoyable and it is seen to be that your Club is participating in the Community.
There is a letter inviting a company to participate in the Pride of Workmanship Award programme, and a pro-forma acceptance letter from the nominating company in the download files list at left.
For companies wishing to nominate an employee for this Award a Form is in the download files list at left.
Rotary awareness is a priority and this is one of the many ways of creating this awareness.

Some Frequently Asked Questions
How are they Awarded?
Upon receipt of the applicant's form, a panel verifies the information submitted and may put their choice to the club if there is a number at any one time. Otherwise the panel notifies the successful applicant to attend a special meeting for presentation not less than a month in advance.
How Often?
That is up to the Club. This could be a monthly, quarterly, six-monthly or yearly. Remember though to be effective it needs to be relatively regular.
The Presentation Night?
This night should benefit all concerned, invite your local paper, (or take a clear photo and a small caption and send it to them with a covering letter of explanation). Invite the person/team who nominated them, their families, your Rotary partners and local Rotary clubs
Who Presents the Award?
It should be presented by no less than the president but preferably the local MP, DG, AG or a recognised local identity. As mentioned before, don't forget to send the pictures to your local paper, or invite them too. This should be treated as a very special occasion.
What Happens Next?
The Awardee should receive a gift (a pen, mug, watch the choice is yours), a certificate and a plaque. A group photo with the club president and the presenter of the Award is also a special reminder.
Do you have other events for the night?
Yes, this is their night and a light hearted short speaker or artist would be appropriate.
This could be a luncheon or dinner but remember this is a time to show off your Rotary club so give yourself plenty of fellowship time before the start of the dinner and during coffee afterwards.

Please try this, it is a most rewarding and enjoyable activity for everyone and your club will be seen as participating in the community.

One of Rotary's biggest secrets is Rotary, many of us are quiet, hard workers, with little time, and/or other priorities, and this tends to makes us forgetful when it come to telling others about Rotary and asking them to join.

One way to fix this is to be involved in the POW awards.