Model United Nations Assembly - Code of Behaviour

A Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA) is among other things, an exercise in integrated social activity.  Therefore, it requires a basic code of behaviour.
The essential points of the code expected by Rotary at MUNA are:
  1. Participants must not leave the confines of the various venues at which MUNA will be held without the concurrence of the Chair of the Committee or the Registrar. Again, this is to ensure that everyone remains safe and there are no legal claims.
  2. There are no curfews, however, we ask that you please be considerate of others. You will all need your sleep to be well prepared for MUNA!
  3. Female living quarters are out of bounds to all males, and vice versa.
  4. Staff quarters are a no go zone unless you need to report an incident or concern.
  5. These rules have to be strictly enforced to limit the chance of any legal claims being made against Rotary, Staff and MUNA participants.
  6. Attendance at all sessions is compulsory, unless arranged prior to the session.
  7. We also expect you to be on time for the departure of the buses each day
  8. Compliance with the standing rules and regulations of the Bush Capital Lodge, the Australian National University and Old Parliament House are also expected.

By applying for MUNA you agree to accept this code. 

Not abiding by these simple rules could result in you being asked to leave.

All MUNA participants are asked to agree to these by signing the Berhaviour Code form which can be downloaded at left.