MedicAlert and Rotary

Medic Alert has been adopted as a national community service project by the Rotary Institute in Australia, and Rotary is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that all persons needing the system have the opportunity to do so.

This is vital to ensure that every Australian who may need Medic Alert is aware of the life saving services. Medic Alert receives no Government aid or assistance.

Rotary has two roles to play in this project.

The first is to provide funding, a $5 donation from each club member, which is used to ensure the development of ongoing public awareness programs, is recognised with a dinner badge sticker and clubs that reach 100% membership are presented with a certificate of appreciation.

The second job is the means of establishing an awareness of the benefits of Medic Alert to the local community. This is achieved by bringing the benefits of the program to the attention of the local medical community, pharmacies, hospitals etc.

Maybe there is an opportunity to liase with the local doctors and provide some funding for a Medic Alert if there is a patient that is unable to afford the $58 membership cost.

Providing brochures on Medic Alert to Probus clubs and Retirement villages are another way of developing an awareness of Medic Alert in the local community.

Finding speakers for our regular club meetings is always a difficult task. What about organising a speaker on Medic Alert, or use a video tape on Medic Alert to provide an awareness of the program among your club members?
What is MedicAlert?

The Medic Alert service starts with its internationally recognised emblem worn as a bracelet or necklace.

The back of the emblem is engraved with a 24 hour hot line number, critical medical facts that must be known instantly, and the identification number of the Medic Alert member.

Responding ambulance personnel locate and read the patient’s emblem and go to work immediately. They communicate with the receiving hospital for additional instructions from physicians.

Should further information be needed or consultation with the patient’s personal physicians, the emergency staff quickly calls Medic Alert’s 24 hour Emergency Centre and provides the patient’s identification number.

Immediately, Medic Alert’s Emergency Centre identifies the patient and access their entire medical profile including medications, drug allergies, secondary conditions and the names and numbers of physicians, next of kin and other critical information.

Within seconds, comprehensive information is available to assist diagnosis and treatment anywhere in the world, thus helping to avoid tragic outcomes.
Contact the District Community Service Chair to arrange a guest speaker.