ABCs of Rotary

By Past RI President Cliff Dochterman (1992-93).


These short articles about Rotary were first published in the weekly bulletin of the Rotary Club of North Stockton, California, U.S.A. That was well before their author, Cliff Dochterman, became president of Rotary International for the year 1992-93. Originally called "Did Ya Know?" the pieces were prepared to share interesting facts about Rotary International with members of the North Stockton club. Later, in response to requests from other Rotary clubs, the articles were reprinted in collected form. Now, President Cliff has brought the collection up to date in keeping with one of the emphases of his year in office as R.l. president - to help Rotarians learn more about the colorful history of their organization, its customs and traditions, and the current status of its global programs. The articles may be reprinted in Rotary club bulletins or presented as Rotary information at weekly club meeting.

This is a historical document from the 1993.  While i could easily be dismissed as a "Blast from the Past", many of the objectives and ideals contained is the ABCs of Rotary still hold true today.  It is interesting to see where we as Rotary International have come from and it is a charming document to read.  Many things have changed since way back in the nineties, but some things stay the change.

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