District Administration Committee

The role of the District Committee for Administration is to provide support and information to the Clubs and their Club Administration Director.

PDG Mani Senerivatne (Judy)
Rotary Club of Sunbury
Email: administration@rotary9790.org.au


Club Service

The Club Service committee will assist clubs with their projects.

Rotary Leadership Institute

The Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) is a series of fast-paced, interactive, one-day courses offered to refine a Rotarian's leadership skills and increase their base of knowledge in Rotary. It is geared to Rotarians who want to be more knowledgeable and effective leaders in their Clubs. - See more at: http://rotary9790.org.au/sitepage/rotary-leadership-institute/#sthash.8Y05MV6u.dpuf

District Trailers

The District has trailers that are available to clubs for special functions and projects

District Protection Officer


PP David Ling (Betty)
Rotary Club of Greensborough
(H) (03) 9010 6079
(M) 0417 357 259
Email: drling@bigpond.com

District Training Committee

This committee has the role of preparing the District leaders prior to PETS & District Assemblies and provide training for the incoming club officers.
PDG Mani Senerivatne
Rotary Club of Sunbury
Email: trainer@rotary9790.org.au

Family of Rotary

The Family of Rotary encourages all Rotarians and clubs to care for their fellow Rotarians and members of Rotary's extended family (partners and children of Rotarians) and to remember spouses of deceased Rotarians.
PDG Phil Clancy (Helen)
Rotary Club of Southern Mitchell
(H) (03) 5782 1097
(M) 0428 834 162
Email: philipclancy@hotkey.net.au

Sergeant at Arms


Peter Appleton
Rotary Club of Southern Mitchell
(H) (03) 5782 1749
(M) 0425 747 301
Email: jandpa@westnet.com.au

Significant Achievement Awards

The Committee will receive properly documented submissions up until 31st May 2015, which will allow physical inspections of all projects submitted. The quality of the submissions well as the overall presentation of the project is considered important. The winning entry will be announced at the District Changeover each year.
There are five criteria taken into consideration.
• The project should address itself to a significant problem that is evident in, but not restricted to, the local community.
• The project should involve Club Members in personal service, rather than in a monetary sense.
• It should be inspirational to other Clubs.
• It need not have started this Rotary year, but evidence must show that it remains current active or that it will be completed in the 2014-2015 Rotary year.
• No Club can receive an award more than once for the same project.
PDG David Cooke (Judy)
Rotary Club of Albury West
(M) 0408 011 579

Special Certificates

This committee provides special certificates for presentations. Club can also order their certificates (at a nominal fee) for their special occasions / presentations.
Geoff Haberecht (Chris)
Rotary Club of Albury North
(H) (02) 6021 5416
(M) 0401 181 854
Email: albury@bettastores.com.au