Welcome to the Rotary 2018-19 year. It is the year when we strive to “Be the Inspiration”. But who will you inspire and who will your club inspire?
As a Rotarian, you have the opportunity to inspire your fellow Rotarians, particularly your club members, to maximize their collective efforts to do good in the world. As a club member, you have the opportunity as a team, to inspire members of your community to contribute to your projects and perhaps even join your club and become Rotarians too.
Rotary International President, Barry Rassin, talks about the LEAP principle to achieve these goals: Love, Energy, Audacity and Proof. In short, he suggests we must show the love we have for what we are doing and be seen to apply as much energy as we can to our cause. We must have the audacity to be proactive and try new things and we must prove our worth by all rolling up our sleeves and joining in.
PDG Bernie’s message for last year was “Happy Clubs, Happy District” and I couldn’t agree more. Rotary Clubs must be inviting and good places to be, for members, guests and members of the community. Club leaders, in particular, should strive to ensure all members feel part of their club, have a role to play and enjoy their membership.
 I would like to see all clubs strive to increase their productivity this year. “Happy Clubs, Productive Clubs, Happy District” Consider an extra project, be it as a club or perhaps with another club nearby or maybe even a club overseas. Just a small project would suffice. Your reaction to this may be that our club is already stretched to the limit with commitments for the year, but what a great opportunity this would present to seek more members to increase your community service.
Above all, make sure part of your club activities this year is to celebrate your achievements both inside your club and also in your community. Let the world know what you have achieved as Rotarians and inspire others to do the same.
I thank you in advance for the work you will do this year, your promotion of Rotary as the service club of choice and your efforts to ensure Rotary becomes bigger and better, doing service above self all over the world. Continue your good work in the name of Rotary International and I am sure you will be an inspiration to us all.

Yours in Rotary