Donations in Kind - "The Perfect Project"

Donations In Kind is the program whereby Rotarians and Rotary Clubs source surplus goods and products within Australia that have no further use here.
These goods however, are valuable to those in needy countries. A central co-ordination committee stores, packs and dispatches the goods to those needy countries.
DIK will coordinate the dispatch and delivery of these items.
The "Perfect" Project
Get going with this step by step program:
  • Identify a need or obtain a request for help.
  • Get a "WISH LIST".
  • Source the goods.
  • Sort, repair and repack goods for export.
  • Load the container.
  • Organise receiving container and distribution of goods.
  • Complete ALL the paperwork.
Kashmir Earthquake
Tonga Hospital Pharmacy
Rotarian Packers
Container Packing
Temporary Hospital
Sri Lanka Rebuilding
Final checklist
  • Check on suitability of goods.
  • Best with Rotary Club (Donor Sponsor) to Rotary Club (Recipient Sponsor) at each end.
  • Involve all Club members in sourcing and packing goods.
  • Get written confirmation for minimal costs of import duties.
  • Use a reliable shipping company.
  • Have funds available to cover all freight costs.
  • Check with your DIK District Co-ordinator.
Nepalese School
Sri Lanka Village Hospital
Sri Lanka Computers
Fiji Kindergarten
Fiji School
Catheter Lab Kathmandu
PP David Meller (Denise)
Rotary Club of Strathmore
Chair District Donations in Kind (DIK)
District 9790 Liaison Officer for DIK Inc. (Footscray)
(H) (03) 9379 3577
(M) 0409 165 553