Flood Recovery Liaison

District 9790 based 'Flood Recovery Committee has been in communication with the affected Rotary Districts and has ascertained their needs and wishes. All agree that Rotary can best serve their communities in the longer term with community 'rebuilding' projects when identified.

Download the PowerPoint presentation from Queensland District 9630 outlining how future recovery assistance may serve affected areas from the menu on the left. Also attached is advice from District 9780 which takes in the flood affected areas of the north west of Victoria. Our committee supports the processes outlined in both of these messages.

In order that efficient liaison can take place between individual Rotary Clubs and the Flood Recovery Committee it is suggested that each club appoint a Rotarian to be a contact with both the committee and their assistant governor on all matters relating to 'Disaster Recovery' be they local needs or support for others. This could best fit within the avenue of Community Service. Many clubs have now provided this information however I would also be grateful to receive contact details from any club that still wishes to appoint a recovery contact.
Our committee also encourages Clubs to provide assistance directly where identified with affected communities. It would also appreciate being informed of such assistance given thus providing a better understanding of where aid is delivered and which areas are still in need.

It is proposed that our website will then be able to contain details of where combined recovery assistance has been provided and where it is committed.
At this stage funds are being sought by District for all areas affected by flood, cyclone and earthquake. The committee will commit your funds according to your wishes but otherwise appreciates the opportunity to allocate money to any of the needy areas. At present we are short of funds to support community rebuilding projects in Victoria.
Download the Flood and Cyclone Recovery application for project funding from the menu on the left.
PP Phil Clancy (Helen)
Rotary Club of Southern Mitchell
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(M) 0428 834 162
Email: philipclancy@hotkey.net.au