Bushfire Recovery Report February 2011


28th FEBRUARY 2011

COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Gary Fitzgerald PP Rotary Club of Yea (Chair) Rob Lloyd PDG Rotary Club of Diamond Creek Peter Gilbert PDG Rotary Club of Preston David Anderson DGE Rotary Club of Yea John Gatt DGEN Rotary Club of Diamond Creek

The Committee has noted in previous reports that the recovery would be protracted and could take several years.

Much of the re-building has been completed, or is nearing completion, and communities are now focusing on the future long term needs. Also many of the supporting welfare and government agencies are winding back their activities which is leaving communities vulnerable.

The "well-being" or "wellness" of affected communities is now becoming of concern as social workers and agencies are reporting increasing anti-social behaviour as well as depression becoming evident in these communities.

A need for long term counselling services and support is becoming increasingly evident. Just how Rotary meets this challenge is being formulated at present.

The Committee currently has several projects to be considered for support which will be of benefit to the respective communites.

Rotary Clubs in D9790 are encouraged to identify suitable community projects in the fire affected areas of our District and request funding support from the Committee. Applications for funding are available on the District Website

The Youthspace project at Kinglake is a great success story for Rotary. With contributions from our District as well as other districts in Victoria and Tasmania this important inititive for the youth of Kinglake, and surrounds, has been totally financed by Rotary at a cost of almost $600.000.00

Yours in Rotary

Gary Fitzgerald Chair
Rotary Club of Yea

Balances as per June 2010 Accounts $685,010.13 $90,371.25 $775,381.38      
Donations Received:            
Rotary Club of Holroyd $6,800.00          
Rotary Club of Pennant Hills-Cherrybrook $25,000.00          
D9680 $8,274.00          
JC Olsson Trust $40,000.00          
Global Care - Kinglake   $10,000.00        
"Carry-on" funding. July & August            
Rotary Club of Whittlesea $30,000.00          
Building of a unit in Kinglake            
Rotary Club of Southern Mitchell $14,655.70          
"BlazeAid" support            
Rotary Club of Southern Mitchell $5,000.00          
Re-establish gardens            
Rotary Club of Alexandra $20,000.00          
Vouchers to re-establish gardens            
Youthspace - Kinglake $100,000.00          
Contribution to building costs            
Youthspace - Kinglake $90,000.00          
"Fit-out" of building            
  $259,655.70 $10,000.00        
Balance as at 28.02.2011 $505,428.43 $80,371.25 $585,799.68    

Lindsay Jolley
Rotary Club of Bright
Chair District Disaster Recovery Committee
(H) (03) 5759 2763
(M) 0416 192 032
Email: disasterrelief@rotary9790.org.au