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Ensures venue is suitably arranged; Rotary regalia and Banners are correctly placed and that the rostered members for welcome, attendance and cash desk are on duty


Call To Order

Sergeant-at-arms introduces chairman for the night.


Introduces President.


Calls for recorded apologies.


  • • Invites Rotarians to pronounce Rotary Grace.
  • • Invites Rotarian to propose Loyal Toast.
  • • Invites Rotarian to propose toast to Rotary International. (Response only by District Governor or Past Officer of RI in attendance.)
  • • Induction of Rotaract President.
  • • Induction of new member.


Short light hearted entertainment.


• Special presentations, awards and donations.
• Presentation of Annual Report.
• Induction of incoming President. (Induction Charge below)
• Response by incoming President.
• Introduction of new board, officers, directors & committee chairmen.
• Invest Past President with PP badge.
• Presentation of flowers or gift.




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Induction Charge

The President of the Rotary Club of ……………

Distinguished guests, ladies, gentlemen and my fellow Rotarians

Rotarian (name) you have been chosen by your fellow Rotarians to be President of the Rotary Club of ………..for the Rotary year ………../……….

It is my honour to induct you to the office of President and as such you will be the key officer of this Rotary Club.

You will preside over regular meetings of the club and of the board of Directors.

You have those qualities that exemplify the ideals and principles of Service to further The Object of Rotary through the Five Avenues of Service.

I present to you the gavel which is the symbol of your authority of this Rotary Club. I hand to you the Manual of Procedure for Rotary leaders; its contents will assist you with any matters with which you may be unfamiliar.

I present to you for safe keeping the Charter of this Rotary Club. This charter is the symbol of the status of your club as an autonomous club within District 9790 and the Association of Rotary International, I charge you to maintain the privileges bestowed upon us by this charter and to hand it proudly to your properly elected successor in twelve months time.

I now present you with the lapel badge of the club President by which your fellow Rotarians and the public at large will recognise you as a Rotary leader and with the collar of office of the President of this Club which you will wear as our leader at all regular weekly meetings of the club.

Distinguished guests, ladies, gentlemen and my fellow Rotarians, I declare Rotarian (name) President of the Rotary Club of………..

To the president's wife/husband/partner (name) I particularly welcome you as the President's partner and I am confident that you will wholeheartedly support him/her in his/her year as President.

My congratulations and best wishes to you.

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